Roanoke Connect Availability

Broadband Availability Map | Hertford County

The map below shows the projected construction schedule of the new Roanoke Connect SmartGrid Broadband network in the Roanoke Electric Cooperative service territory. Click on any button below the map to see the timelines related to construction in your area. Of course, electric grid projects and emergencies, weather, availability of materials, and other issues may always result in changes to the schedule.

Bertie County

Bertie County Maps Bertie County Phase 1



This schedule is related to the design, engineering, and deployment of the Roanoke Electric SmartGrid and Roanoke Connect services within the Roanoke Electric Cooperative service territory. The buildout of this network is divided into Phases as described in the following paragraph.

The Unserved areas mark those locations within the county which do not have SmartGrid service via the Roanoke Connect network.

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